06 05 2008

Çanakkale Savaşı Resimleri



A Turkish shell bursts among the stores of the 1st Royal Australian Naval Bridging

Train, Suvla, Gallipoli, September 1915.

Picture: Australian War Memorial, donated B. Bracegirdle



Looking up Rest Gully, the troops of the 6th Brigade relax the

morning after their arrival. They would shortly be preparing for

 the Battle of Lone Pine. Picture: Australian War Memorial, August 1915



Men of the 3rd Battalion waiting to go into the trenches for the ANZAC

assault on Lone Pine. Picture: Charles Bean, August 6, 1915 



Soldiers sit beside a pile of empty tins cutting up barbed wire to

make jam tin bombs. Picture: Ernest Brooks, 1915



Men of the 1st Australian Light Horse Regiment taking over new dugouts near

No. 1 Outpost, on the left of Walker's Ridge, 1915. Picture: Unknown, lent by

Reverend E. N. Merrington



7th Battalion men standing at a bomb stop at the old Turkish firing

 line in Lone Pine, August 9, 1915. Picture: Unknown, lent by Major H. Jacobs



A group of infantrymen and light horsemen in a trench on the

Gallipoli Peninsula - including a father and son. Picture: Unknown,

donated by H. V. Woods



A sniping pair in a front line trench with the observer looking through a periscope

August 1915. Picture: Unknown, donated by: T. Yeomans



A trench at Lone Pine after the battle, showing Australian and Turkish dead

on the parapet. Captain Leslie Morshead, who later became later Lieutenant

General Sir Leslie Morshead, stands in the peaked cap looking upwards.

 Picture: Phillip Schuler, 1915



The 21st Battalion marching up Monash Gully after arriving at

Gallipoli September 8, 1915. Picture: Unknown, lent by Captain Brown,



Officers on Brighton Beach just before the ANZAC evacuation,

December 16, 1915. Picture: A. Martyn, donated F.T. Small



Loading guns and troops during the first stage of the evacuation, December 1915. Picture: Unknown, lent by Commander L. C. Bracegirdle



Stores burning at Anzac Cove, taken from an unidentified battleship in the

early morning just after the evacuation. Picture: British Official Photograph,

December 1915



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